April comes to an End. TWTWTW #6

01st May 2014
April has been very frutiful. I've had many years where it's been a washout or a complete month of blanket grey cloud. But, this year it's been great. We do appear to have got into a cycle of periods of constant weather - be it constantly sunny or constantly wet (as witnessed this winter). It certainly feels that way.

The calm, and even almost warm (for the Isle of Man!) sunny weather over the Easter weekend has continued (although it looks like it's breaking now). Only a few trips out - but quite rewarding.

As mentioned in the last blog - it's time for a few more evening trips now. The first being up to the Ayres with my sidekick to do some seascapes. Not much happening - but good practice for the young fella - and far better than sat at home in front of the computer (that's both of us!). The sky fizzling out to nothing much.

Then a couple of evenings later a trip back up in to the hills to have another go at getting a shot of the stone wall and view down south from Mullagh Ouyr. The sky was looking promising and before heading over to get in to position for the setting sun I managed to get this one with the sunlight just catching the top of the east facing foreground. Here looking towards North Barrule.

And so on to the shot I was after and the sky didn't disappoint.

(Also available in the main gallery)

It really was one of the best skies of the year so far. The views in every direction just full of colourful clouds.

And clouds that looked like colourful brush strokes.

Buoyed by the results of that evening another early morning trip was added. A wander down Dhoon Glen for sunrise last Sunday. I was out for a particular shot - but with the relatively crystal clear skies I gave that up (I'll tell you what it is when I get it!) - and decided to wander down to the rocks at Dhoon Glen. Hoping that something would catch my eye and if nothing else I'd get some guaranteed much needed exercise. A real struggle to find any decent composition with the bland sky - so what do you do when the skies not up to much - you either exclude it from your shot or fill it with something else.

The sun peeps through the mass of branches up above Dhoon Beach.

The middle of this week was spent over towards Glen Rushen, South Barrule and Cronk ny Arrey Laa. Some great climatic conditions again. As the sun set the cloudy/hazy sky caught the sunlight and with the lowering temperatures the mist rolled down the hills. Perfect.

The pano shot made up of 5 images can be seen here - available big at 75 inches wide or more if interested.

And as if that wasn't enough, behind me the soft pinks before me were contrasted by a sky that was on fire.

If May is half a productive as April I will be delighted.

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