That was the week that was #1

13th March 2014
Fri 7th - Wed. 11th
The week being Thur - Thur as Thursday is generally a down tools day. (Or Dad's Taxi is in operation!)

Friday - An early morning run down to Derby Haven to see if the sunrise would amount to anything. According to the forecast the cloud from the overnight deluge (2cm of rain) is clearing early morning. It's still looking pretty overcast when I get to Derby Haven - but there's blue (dark) sky in the West towards Port Erin - so wellies on and off for a wander down to the water's edge. After 20 mins of waiting the tune of 'Should I stay or should I go' by The Clash creeps into the head. The cloud isn't clearing quickly enough. Always a difficult choice as sods law as soon as you make a move it'll clear up. So where to go to. North Barrule is looking a bit misty so off up to the Cringle Reservoir it is. Maybe there's some low cloud swirling around the plantation.

A while since I'd been up to Cringle Reservoir and apart from later bumping into an old friend, Robbie from DEFA fisheries, I had the place to myself. Result!

Not much in the way of swirling cloud but nice and calm. Whist still cloudy I manage to get something a bit more minamilistic than normal and more of the style I like to take.

It was commented that a similar shot by Andreas Gursky sold for £2.7m.

Anybody interested - you can buy it for a lot less here!

Eventually the trailing edge of the cloud started to give way to clearer sky.

Cringle Bar Code

I've been after a particular panoramic shot up in the hills so later the same day I headed up towards Snaefell, including a quick wander around Injebreck.

I came across this bunch - the Reservoir Sheep!

I didn't and still haven't managed to get the shot I've been after up in the hills but did return with something. The old gate posts. So at least it wasn't a completely fruitless trip.

When I eventually got out at the weekend the best of the weather had gone and it was pretty dreary and overcast. But, ideal conditions for shooting water. So a stretch of the legs and a wander along one of my favourite tracks from Agneash to Snaefell mines. The fine waterfall in the Valley was still going strong as was the water running of the hillside and under the track.

What I hoped was going to turn out as a good mono shot just didn't work. A shot of grass with a brown fern just wasn't contrasty enough to work...even after a bit of fiddling with the colours..

Sunday was limited to a wander down Dhoon Glen with my son who's keen to take some shots for the young photographer competition being run by Isle of Man newspapers. So, with half an eye on him (making sure he didn't fall in the sea or river) the number of shots were limited. I think he returned with far better shots than I did.

Maybe a set of pebble placemats could be in the offing...

The rest of this week so far has been great for photography with the mist and hazy sky. Typically, I've found myself in the wrong place. It's just been too much of a rush to get out and get something decent. Hopefully the mist will still be around tomorrow.

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