One hand in a two handed world.

10th March 2015
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A frustrating few weeks have passed and no doubt there will be more to come.

It's Saturday evening and all the weather forecasts are showing the Sunday as a complete washout. It's a bit sad, but I tend to have to check them all (tv, internet, apps) just in case one gives a glimmer of hope for some morning sunshine. But no. It was predicting build the Ark weather all round.

So, apart from the welcome lie in...well at least till 7.30am, the inevitable list of indoor jobs that I've been putting off had to be made. If not, I know I'd end up slumped in front of the telly all day.

Sunday arrived, along with the rain, and I got as far as job 2 on my list. This entailed searching up in the loft for an electric heater for use in the spare room (my digital dark room). Thank you Manx Gas for your recent price hike! Time to switch suppliers - lol. :-)!

Going up the step ladders into the loft and just as I was at the top the ladders went one way and I went the other. Landing in a heap with the fingers bending over backwards upon landing. Ouch....or words of a similar nature could be heard. Off to Nobles Hospital...great! A&E on a Sunday morning. As if the hospital staff haven't got enough to deal with without plonkers falling off ladders. The x-ray shows a snapped metacarpal no 3. 8 hours later I emerge with my hand in plaster from elbow to fingertips....and it's my right hand!

So, no more wet Sunday jobs for me and also no landscape photography for a while. No way of driving and also cameras just aren't designed for people with only one hand......especially the left hand. Not that I'm going to go out and purchase a left handed camera. But, even if I could, I don't think such a camera exists. What do people with only a left hand do?

A quick internet search brought up the Canon 7DL....mmmmm...released on the 1st April. Very funny....I ain't laughing.

Touch screens and camera phones do make things slightly easier. But there does seem to be little thought by camera manufacturers for those living in a left handed only world. If you're one of them then my sympathies go out to you.

Fortunately, I eventually hope to have my right hand back least enough to press the camera shutter. 99.9% of my shots are tripod mounted so hopefully once I'm a bit more active I should be able to get out with maybe a slightly lighter camera bag and the tripod.

So here's to better days, dry Sundays, ignoring indoors jobs, left handed cameras, and many thanks to the staff at Nobles Hospital.

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