That was the week that was #2

19th March 2014
Friday 14th - Having completely messed up my timings and locations for the coastal fog shots during the previous days, the Alarm clock was set for 5.30 and fingers crossed that it was still misty when I awoke.

Douglas Head fog horn has never sounded so good first thing in the morning. Up and out and a misty drive up to Snaefell and a wander along the Mountainside above the Verandah. The scene looked great - sea mist in the Laxey Valley and a half decent sky developing. Nice when a plan comes doesn't happen often.

The images posted to the site can be viewed here:

Next stop - a quick walk up Beinn-y-Phott to get up above the mist that was now starting to fill in. If only the TT Burger van was open all year at Brandywell. A spot of Breakfast would have been great at this point. Although probably followed by indegestion as I wandered as quick as my old legs could take me to the summit. I was hoping to look south and see the summits of Carraghan, Slieau Ruy, South Barrule et al, all surrounded by mist with just the peaks showing - but it wasn't to be. Beyond Carraghan was just a mass of grey. Ho hum.

The view North from Beinn-y-Phott with the mist rolling in.

With the mist getting really thick I headed towards Ramsey and stopped of at the Gooseneck.

and in colour here:

From the gooseneck a head back along the coast road. Typically Sunny Ramsey was just that and the coastal fog didn't reappear until Laxey. So much for hoping for some mist at the Dhoon (The last place you'd expect there to be no mist!). Even at Laxey the mist was rising. So up to Conrhenny plantation for a another walk and the final stop off of the morning and then home for brunch!

The rest of the week has been limited to a couple of trips and nothing too serious on the photographic front. Jnr's still keen to get some shots for his IOM young photographer competition so a wander around a few more glens and West Baldwin over the weekend. I took this as a good opportunity to finish off the Roll of Fuji Velvia in the back of the Mamiya rz67 Pro II. I love shooting with this camera - I just wish it wasn't so expensive per shot. Anyway, mission accomplished - the roll's finished. I just need to finish the roll that's sitting in the little Yashica 124g and I'll then get them sent off for processing. Then a wait for them to arrive back in the post. Nice to get that buzz of seeing your shots arriving and then viewing them....hopefully not followed by disappointment.

Tree and sky over West Baldwin.

Wednesday was a quick wander out with jnr. This time down to the outer harbour at Douglas and a quick lesson on low light shooting, ISO, aperture, and shutter speed relationships. I think he got most of what I was going on about.

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